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All the costumes you need to play Jenna Ortega from The Adams Family

With our incredible selection of costumes, you can play the role of Jenna Ortega in the famous Addams Family series. These costumes are inspired by the captivating character of Wednesday Addams, played with talent by Jenna Ortega, and immediately transport you into the atmosphere of the Netflix series. This collection is ideal for fans of “Wednesday” as it celebrates Jenna Ortega’s unique style and mesmerizing on-screen presence.

Our outfits are created to reflect the atmosphere of Wednesday Addams, combining gothic elegance with a touch of mystery. Our costumes are the best choice to accompany you to a theme party, cosplay event or simply express your admiration for the character. Each item carefully reproduces the outfits Jenna Ortega wears, from her iconic black dress to the carefully chosen accessories that complete her look.

An authentic, immersive experience, our collection invites you to enter the world of The Addams Family. Discover the excitement of becoming Wednesday Addams and let Jenna Ortega inspire you.

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Dresses and uniforms for the whole girl in the family

Our exceptional range of dresses and uniforms is inspired by the family’s iconic daughter, Mercredi Addams, and will immerse you in the mysterious and captivating world of The Addams Family. Our collection, designed to captivate and inspire, includes a wide range of outfits that reflect Wednesday’s unique style and indomitable character. Our dresses and uniforms are the perfect solution whether you’re looking for the perfect dress for a Halloween party, cosplay event or simply to show your love for the gothic aesthetic.

Every item in our range is a tribute to the traditional, timeless style of Wednesday Addams. We’ve got everything you need to look like the famous Addams girl, from elegant black dresses to Nevermore Academy uniforms. Our clothes are made from high-quality materials, guaranteeing not only an authentic look but also maximum comfort. What’s more, whatever their age or body type, our dresses and uniforms are available in a variety of sizes, guaranteeing an ideal fit for all Wednesday fans.

Gothic elegance has never been so accessible. Our Wednesday Addams dresses and uniforms are the perfect way to express your unique personality while paying homage to one of pop culture’s most iconic characters. These outfits are ideal for making a grand entrance at any event, thanks to their carefully designed details and impeccable quality.

You can be Wednesday, whether you're a child or an adult.

Our Wednesday Addams collection has stood the test of time. Adults and children alike can now share their love for this iconic character. Whether for a party, cosplay or just for the fun of dressing up, our costumes are designed with Wednesday’s elegant, gothic aesthetic in mind.

We offer size- and energy-appropriate costumes for young fans, ideal for role-playing, school celebrations or themed events. Each children’s costume is designed to be comfortable, safe and durable, so kids can have fun playing their favorite character from Cinema’s Darkest Family.

Our wednesday addams adult costume are both refined and true to character. For every occasion, from theme parties to cosplay events, they offer exceptional quality and optimum comfort. These costumes allow adults to live out their fascination with the Addams universe to the full, thanks to a variety of sizes and attention to detail.

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Discover costumes from all the Addams Families, because there's more to the Addams Family than just Wednesday.

We have more than just Wednesday Addams in our collection. With our range of detailed, authentic costumes, we invite you to discover the entire Addams Family. Every member of this iconic family has a costume, from Gomez, the charismatic patriarch, to Morticia, the epitome of Gothic elegance, to the amusing Uncle Fester and the charming Pugsley.

The essence of each character is captured in these outfits, allowing fans of all ages to fully immerse themselves in their world. For those looking to embody her mysterious elegance, our Morticia Addams costumes, with their long dresses and flowing fabrics, are ideal. For those who want to channel her charm and wit, Gomez costumes, with their striped suits and distinctive mustaches, are ideal.


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The accessories you need for your cosplay

Our range of Addams Family accessories will help you give your cosplay the finishing touch. A simple costume can become a vivid and realistic representation of your favorite Addams Family character, thanks to these carefully selected pieces. We’ve got the accessory to make your costume unforgettable, whether you’re playing Wednesday, Morticia, Gomez or another member.

Each accessory is designed to complement and enrich your costume, from carefully styled wigs that capture the characters’ iconic hairstyles to gothic jewelry and classic shoes. Specific elements, such as “Thing’s” wandering hand or Fester’s round glasses, give your cosplay experience a dimension of fun and authenticity.

Choose quality at an attractive price.

With us, quality and affordability go hand in hand. We are proud to offer you the highest quality Addams Family costumes at reasonable prices. We guarantee that you’ll receive carefully crafted costumes, premium materials and impeccable finishes at a price that suits your budget because of our dedication to customer satisfaction.

Buying a quality suit also means buying a suit that will last a long time. Our suits stand the test of time, allowing you to wear them to many occasions and events. When you choose one of our suits, you can be sure that you’re investing in a high-quality garment that will serve you for years to come.

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We pride ourselves on making the shopping process as satisfying as possible. We are committed to providing high quality products with exceptional service, and our team is available to answer all your questions and concerns. Trust our boutique to provide you with the Addams Family costumes you’ve always dreamed of, with simplicity, quality and satisfaction guaranteed.

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